About Tricia

tricia I guess you could say I did always notice I was a bit quirky. But I didn’t think about it. So instead, I just made things up. Created things. It wasn’t very hard to do. I really believe all humans are creative by nature. They just don’t let themselves try. Nobody told me not to…so I just did.

I also really love to help people. Mostly the people other people don’t want to try to help because it is difficult. And frustrating. And helping other people is almost always a thankless, unnoticed job. But I think that’s why I like it. I love to be unnoticed. That way I can do all kinds of crazy things–and I never have to explain why. To anyone except God. And He doesn’t seem to mind at all; after all, He made me this way.

So I traveled around the world. I learned a lot about all kinds of people. My husband and I worked for World Vision and helped people all over the world, hurt and starving people. I decided to go back to college. I wanted to learn to paint. So I went to Art College in Pasadena. When I finished, I was 35 years old and I was a watercolor artist. Very soon after that, my husband Steve and I adopted twins with disabilities. As I helped my own children learn and succeed, everything else seemed to come together…

My creativity, my love of helping hurting people, my belief in art as a healing agent and my faith in a God who is filled with love for us all.


Thank you for visiting my site. If my writing or art connects with you, I’d love to hear from you. I’m also available as an art teacher to students of all ages. In addition, I mentor marginalized students, using art to help them find their unique voice and move toward their full potential.